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What are the Consequences of a DUI?


What are the Consequences of a DUI?

In many cases, people who have been arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI) want to know right away what kinds of consequences they face. The fact is, the consequences of a DUI or DWAI charge are not simple. To begin with, if you are charged with DUI or DWAI, you will not only face criminal charges, you’ll also face administrative consequences with the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Beyond that, the cost of DUI in terms of natural consequences beyond the legal system can be very high. Some people may lose their job, even having to change professions as a result of a DUI or DWAI conviction. If you face DUI or DWAI charges, including a DUI for marijuana or other drugs, it is vital that you speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney with a thorough understanding of how to fight these serious charges, as soon as possible, in order to protect your rights and your future. 

How a DUI or DWAI Charge Can Affect Your Driver’s License

Generally speaking, keeping your driver’s license after a DUI or DWAI can be an uphill battle. When you applied for your Colorado driver’s License, you agreed to submit to a breathalyzer or blood test in the event that a police officer should have probable cause to believe that you were drinking before you got behind the wheel. 

During a DUI investigation, you are, legally, free to refuse to submit to either of these tests. However, such a refusal will subject you to one year’s revocation of your driver’s license. If you depend on your driver’s license for your living, that would clearly be a very big problem.

You need to understand if you have been charged with DUI or DWAI that you will have a hearing with the DMV, that is actually independent of the criminal charges against you. This hearing will determine whether or not your driver’s license is revoked, and for how long.

Not everyone who has been charged with DUI or DWAI will lose their driver’s license. However, since you are allowed to be represented by an attorney in these hearings, your best chance to keep your license, or to minimize the length of time for which you lose it, is to enlist the help of an experienced and dedicated attorney.

DUI Administrative Penalties  

If you are charged with DUI or DWAI, and you have never had a DUI or DWAI charge before, the DMV may assess 8 points against your driver’s license. A second offense subjects you to a 12 month revocation and 8 points, and subsequent offenses carry 24 month revocations and 8 points. For a first offense DUI, they may revoke your license for nine months, and assess 12 points against it. A second offense carries a 12 month revocation and 12 points on your license. Subsequent DUIs carry 24 month revocation and 12 points.

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