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The DUI Stop


The DUI Stop

The first question that a DUI lawyer will want to know is why you were contacted by the police. Did they have some reasonable suspicion that allowed them to make an investigatory stop or contact that led to your DUI arrest?

Reasonable suspicion is a fairly broad category of conduct that can include weaving, failing to use turn signals, driving too fast, driving too slow, or violating any other traffic law. Colorado DUI law even allows for DUI checkpoints where every fourth or fifth car, by way of example, is pulled aside to check a driver’s sobriety.

Mertes LawLaw enforcement officials are required to create a plan that includes prior notice to the public of their intent to utilize checkpoints, signage to indicate that checkpoints are ahead, and allow drivers an opportunity to select a path away from a DUI checkpoint. Careful scrutiny of why you were stopped, including whether all the legal requirements for a checkpoint if such a program was in place, is an important key to a successful defense to a DUI charge.

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