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Domestic Violence is a Common Cause of Workplace Violence

OSHA demands that all employers provide a working environment for their employees that is free from hazards that could cause death or physical harm. This includes protection from workplace violence. Unfortunately, the incidents of workplace violence is on the rise. In 2016, homicide was the ninth leading cause of workplace deaths in the United States. In 2017, homicides became the fourth leading cause of death in the workplace. Even more sobering is the fact that homicide is the LEADING cause of death for women in the workplace and 42% of those that are killed are murdered by a family member or domestic partner and 80% of those workplace fatalities involved a firearm. Continue reading

What to Expect When Arrested for Domestic Violence

In the heat of the moment, a simple argument can escalate quickly. Words may be said that can’t be unsaid and actions may be taken that can’t be undone. An accuser may call the police and claim that domestic violence or assault has occurred. Sometimes these accusations are completely true and all care should be taken to protect the victim. But sometimes, these accusations are false. However, once they’re made, an accuser can’t simply take them back. Colorado law is very specific and strict about what happens after an accusation of domestic violence is made. Continue reading

The Costs of a DUI Offense

The costs of a DUI can last far after you’ve paid your fines and gotten your driver’s license back. For some individuals, a single DUI is enough to cost them their professional license or their livelihood. For others, a DUI could result in the loss of friends and their reputation in the community. What are the true costs associated with getting a DUI in Colorado? Continue reading

Colorado Red Flag Bill is Passed

This month, Colorado House passed the “red flag” bill, which would allow law enforcement to seize weapons from gun owners they believe pose a threat. This includes anyone accused of domestic violence. House Bill 1177 has been supported by many on both sides of the political divide and would give law enforcement officers the freedom to remove weapons from anyone they believe poses a threat to the public, themselves, or to others. Continue reading

What is Considered Domestic Violence in Colorado?

In the state of Colorado, domestic violence itself is not technically a crime. It does, however, come with serious penalties and consequences. It can also come with additional criminal charges. According to the law, domestic violence is any violent act or threat of a violent act against someone with whom the offender has an intimate relationship. This can be an ex-lover, a current partner, a spouse, or someone you share a child with. Continue reading

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