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What to Know if You’re Facing a Title IX Complaint

Thousands of college students on campuses across the country face Title IX related accusations of sexual misconduct every semester. While many of these charges borrow language from the world of the criminal justice system, such as “sexual assault” and “rape”, the disciplinary structures put in place on many universities to handle these types of accusations, are very different than the U.S. justice system.  Continue reading

Colorado DUI Driver Now Faces Vehicular Assault Charges

In July, police officers were near South Chestnut Street and Colorado Avenue when they saw 30-year-old Tara Studer commit a traffic violation. They put on their lights and began to pull he over when she suddenly slammed into two parked cars, along with a man who was unloading one of them. Police provided medical treatment to the injured man and arrested Studer for vehicular assault, DUI and reckless driving. Read the follow up report about the “Colorado driver faces vehicular assault charges” below.
Continue reading

Colorado Sees Rise in Domestic Violence Abusers Threatening Deportation 

In 2018, a Denver-based domestic violence Latina shelter, known as Latina Safehouse, helped 150 clients escape their abusive partners. In 2019, the number already topped 300 with more than 6 months left to go. This safehouse is a nonprofit organization that specializes in serving domestic violence victims who are refugees or who are living in the United States illegally. The group’s director said that one particular domestic violence threat has been on the rise: the fear of deportation.  Continue reading

Colorado Uber Driver Convicted of Misdemeanor Sex Crime after Procedural Issue

In May, an Arapahoe County jury convicted a Colorado Uber driver of unlawful sexual contact. By all accounts, the driver sexually assaulted a female passenger in his vehicle. However, he was not convicted of sexual assault because of a procedural issue. 

According to court testimony, the Uber driver picked up a woman in November of 2017. He stopped the car and fondled her, penetrated her with his fingers and then ejaculated on her. The story of the Colorado Uber Driver Convicted of Misdemeanor Sex Crime . Continue reading


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