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Is the Title IX Sexual Misconduct Investigation Process Fair?

There have been a number of news stories this year covering the Title IX sexual misconduct investigation process on U.S. campuses, including a documentary from CBSN Originals named “Speaking Frankly: Title IX”.  While many stories cover changes proposed by U.S. Secretary of Education, Betsey DeVos, at the heart of many others of these stories is the idea that the Title IX process may not work as well as it should for the people involved. That includes not only the respondents to Title IX sexual misconduct allegations, but also the ones making those allegations, the people that these laws were originally intended to protect. So is the Title IX sexual misconduct investigation process Fair? Let’s find out.  Continue reading

DUI Reasonable Suspicion 

Being pulled over by the police is a stressful experience for anyone.  Many people have trouble knowing how to react to police officers, and when a DUI investigation begins, knowing how to protect your own rights on the spot can be extremely difficult.  

Many people are not aware that a police officer must have a reason to pull someone over.  In the interest of protecting people from harassment, an officer must have reasonable cause to believe that you have broken a law, or are in danger and need help,  in order to make a traffic stop. This is known as reasonable suspicion. Learn how a reasonable suspicion for DUI is established below.
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What Happens if I get a Marijuana DUI?

The legalization of marijuana that is occurring in states across the country, is raising a lot of issues and questions for both legislative officials and for citizens. In Colorado, the law has made marijuana a drug that is treated similarly to alcohol. So many people find themselves asking questions like: “What, if any, are the consequences for driving under the influence of drugs (DUID)?”, “What happens if I get a DUI for marijuana?”.  Continue reading

Do The Police Have To Read Me My Miranda Rights During a DUI Stop?

Being pulled over by the police can be an intimidating experience, and will most likely leave you with a lot of questions. Some of the most common questions involve Miranda Rights, including what exactly those rights are, what they mean for your situation, and when you are supposed to be notified of them. So it really necessary to read your Miranda Rights during a DUI Stop? Find it out below. Continue reading


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