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Universities see an Increase in Legal Challenges Over Title IX Enforcement

Increasingly, institutions of higher learning are facing federal legal challenges because of the way they handle Title IX investigations. These civil legal challenges come from both those accused of sexual assault, but also from the victims of alleged sexual assault, both of whom are complaining about a process seen by many as being inherently unfair.  Continue reading

Title IX Investigative Techniques Contradict Science, Say ISU Researchers

Two researchers from Iowa State University, philosophy lecturer and Title IX coordinator, Adrienne Lyles, and psychology professor Christian Meissner, researched the underlying scientific basis behind many common techniques taught in Title IX certification programs around the country, and found that the scientific basis for many of them “are at odds with the available science.” Continue reading

Is the Title IX Sexual Misconduct Investigation Process Fair?

There have been a number of news stories this year covering the Title IX sexual misconduct investigation process on U.S. campuses, including a documentary from CBSN Originals named “Speaking Frankly: Title IX”.  While many stories cover changes proposed by U.S. Secretary of Education, Betsey DeVos, at the heart of many others of these stories is the idea that the Title IX process may not work as well as it should for the people involved. That includes not only the respondents to Title IX sexual misconduct allegations, but also the ones making those allegations, the people that these laws were originally intended to protect. So is the Title IX sexual misconduct investigation process Fair? Let’s find out.  Continue reading

What to Know if You’re Facing a Title IX Complaint

Thousands of college students on campuses across the country face Title IX related accusations of sexual misconduct every semester. While many of these charges borrow language from the world of the criminal justice system, such as “sexual assault” and “rape”, the disciplinary structures put in place on many universities to handle these types of accusations, are very different than the U.S. justice system.  Continue reading


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